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The complex nature of radiotherapy research data requires from RPB to deal with data management within several different scopes and integrate with different clinical IT systems.

RPB Work Packages

    RPB work packages

WP0 - link to clinical systems

WP1 - patient privacy

  • Patient identity management and pseudonym generation Mainzelliste

WP2 - clinical research

WP3 - medical imaging

WP4 - microscopy imaging

  • (*planned)

WP5 - bio specimen data

WP6 - laboratory assays data

WP7 - data-mart

  • (cross component search and reporting)

WP8 - platform deployment

  • supporting systems for RPB development and deployment needs (github source code management, Travis CI continuous integration, JavaMelody application monitoring, web presence, Xen virtualisation, backup strategy, nginx reverse proxy in DMZ for external access)

WP9 - link to national and international research platforms

WP10 - learning database

  • (ETL workflows for preparation of datasets for machine learning purposes)