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Online application suite for translational research

Platform Features

  • Managing multi-centre clinical trials
  • Pseudonymisation of participating patients
  • Randomisation of patients in randomised trials (permuted block + strata)
  • Data collection in clinical trials using electronic case report forms (eCRFs)
  • Patient reported outcomes (ePRO) and clinician outcome assessment (eCOA)
  • Semantic annotation of eCRFs
  • Collection of medical imaging and treatment plans in DICOM/ DICOM-RT format
  • DICOM data de-identification and RTSTRUCT ROI naming harmonisation
  • DICOM viewer with DICOM-RT plugin
  • WebDAV access to DICOM data collected in particular project
  • Storage for laboratory assays and tabulated data

Portal Modules

  • CTMS - Clinical Trial Management
  • EDC - Electronic Data Capture
  • PID - Patient Identity Management
  • PACS - Medical Imaging and Treatment Planning
  • LAB - Laboratory Data Management
  • CMS - Content Management
  • ADMIN - System Administration